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Outsource your HR!

Find out how I can add value to your business.

Independent advice,

guidance and support for business owners, HR practitioners and management.

Not sure how to deal

with an HR issue? Contact me for an effective solution!

Need help resolving

domestic employment matters? Call me!

Recruitment profiling and

team building assessments – Contact me to find out about i3.

Outsource your HR!

Find out how I can add value to your business.

Independent advice,

guidance and support for business owners, HR practitioners and management.

Not sure how to deal

with an HR issue? Contact me for an effective solution!

Need help resolving

domestic employment matters? Call me!

Recruitment profiling and

team building assessments – Contact me to find out about i3.

Enjoy a productive and harmonious work environment

Do things right and fairly, and your people will aspire to work hard. As an experienced Human Resources and Labour consultant, I can help you achieve that positive, productive work environment!

With a passion to ensure fair application of the labour law to the employment relationship, I consult to business owners, HR teams and management on the full spectrum of Human Resources and Industrial Relations matters. This ranges from recruitment, training and generalist human resources to the professional development of employees and management of misconduct, incapacity and changed operational requirements. I also chair disciplinary enquiries and assist with grievance resolution.

Following best practice, I ensure your business complies with relevant labour law.


Human Resources
For a smooth working environment and to protect yourself, your business and staff, I ensure your HR policies and procedures are in place, relevant and up to date.

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I also assist clients with:

  • HR administration.
  • Formulation of employment-related policies, rules and contracts.
  • Recruitment.
  • Employee performance management issues, from rewards and recognition to discipline and termination of staff.
  • HR audits.
  • Retrenchment.

Industrial Relations
Need to resolve conflict or manage difficult workplace situations, including union grievances, issues of misconduct, incapacity or changed operational requirements?

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I will assist you to deal with, manage and prevent issues that may arise out of misconduct, incapacity and changed operational requirements.

As an independent consultant, I can facilitate formal meetings and disciplinary hearings. I follow the appropriate procedures professionally and confidentially to resolve issues.

I also prepare and assist clients with representations at CCMA hearings, seeking to resolve matters to avoid proceeding to arbitration.

Coaching / Mentoring of HR staff
HR is a wide field and it requires depth of scope and experience. I am available to mentor or coach your developing HR staff, giving them the confidence to operate more efficiently.

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I provide customised training to HR staff and line management on any employment issue. Drawing on my vast experience, I can advise them on best practice in specific areas and bolster their knowledge and confidence, so they can make the most appropriate HR decisions in your business.

I also mentor HR staff or those assigned with the HR responsibility, offering a collaborative, knowledge-sharing relationship where they have a confidential ‘sounding board’ when they need to decide on important HR matters.

Team facilitations
Need a good facilitator to bring cohesion and understanding to your team’s dynamics and help them function productively for an optimal outcome?

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I facilitate team discussions, meetings, training sessions and workshops using proven methodologies for best results.

By engaging team members, I help your group understand their dominant individual indicators and how these work together. This allows the team to function cohesively so that decisions are made and participants feel committed to the outcomes.

Domestic employment relations
If you employ a domestic worker, au pair, driver, chef, gardener or any other member of a ‘home’ team let me advise you on how to comply with labour law.

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Stricter laws now apply to protect domestic workers and I will guide you on how to keep your working relationship within the boundaries of the law.

From formalising employment agreements for domestic employees, and advising on matters such as management of performance, issues of misconduct, pay slips, deductions, overtime and leave, I cover all the relevant matters. In this way, should a dispute arise with your employee, you can attend the CCMA hearing with confidence.

i3 Profiling and recruitment
I help you identify your and your team’s natural strengths using the tried and tested i3 profiling product, which identifies people’s individual instinctive indicators.

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Personality profiling can be done for an individual, or a group of people such as a management team. It can also be done as part of team building to improve productivity in your work environment.

Want to employ the candidate whose skills best compliment those of your team and the individual role within your workspace? Personality profiling can help identify the ‘best-fit candidate for your team during recruitment. I can conduct an i3 profile for your top applicants, so you can make an informed decision.

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About Janice Roberts

Equipped with a BAHons in Industrial Psychology, an advanced Labour Law programme (UNISA) and more than 20 years’ experience in generalist Human Resources roles in numerous industries, I have the knowledge and skills to assist your business.

Having worked in the fishing, manufacturing, food preparation, office automation and financial services industries, I have experience in all aspects of Human Resources and Employee/Industrial Relations. This includes mentoring and training/facilitation.

My offices are in the southern suburbs of Cape Town and I assist small, medium and large business clients across South Africa.

My input in your business will provide you with peace of mind for all your HR matters.

Some of my valued clients


What my clients say

Nikki Wates - Owner and Manager – The Kids Shack

“Having to deal with problems with employees is never a pleasant situation. Janice helped us to keep a level head when emotions were running high, and offered excellent advice in a highly professional manner. ”

Peter Ruthenberg - Owner – Top Carpets Constantiaberg

“Janice came to see me when I had an issue with a staff member and had no idea which way to turn. She guided me through the whole process and made me understand what was happening along the way. Her professional approach was clearly visible and was there to “hold my hand” in a time that was very traumatic for me. THANK YOU Janice for the way that you helped me and guided me.”

Shelley Gordon-Williams - Domestic employer

“Janice took what could have been a really daunting task for us and professionally and succinctly explained and then chaired … a disciplinary hearing … Her advice and knowledge of the task were impressive and the whole process ran smoothly. I felt complete assurance that we were advised as best as we possibly could have been. It was an absolute pleasure working with Janice.”

Catherine Bertram - Domestic employer

“I so appreciated Janice’s in-depth knowledge and willingness to spend time discussing domestic employment and that she’s always being available for advice. I can highly recommend Janice Roberts Consulting!”

Laura Barker - MD – BlackBark Productions

“Working with Janice is an absolute pleasure; she is always available and always finds time to assist. She is very knowledgeable about HR processes and procedures and has been a valuable resource for my business. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with her”

Pam Viljoen - MD – PrintLogic

“Janice … has a passion and commitment for … all HR related tasks. She is well versed in all the regulatory aspects and also has compassion for you, your business and your people. I highly recommend Janice and her team to anyone who needs HR related actions, policies and processes implemented.”

Tracey Chambers - The Clothing Bank

“Just wanted to say thank you for taking on C’s case. D just gave me feedback on your findings. Just love working with you. You are fair, practical and very professional. Thanks so much!”

“Thanks for your logical thinking. You are great at putting things in perspective and giving a fair and reasonable solution within the ambit of the law.”

MzukiseniYidlani - MD – Uhlaza Group (Pty) Ltd

“Mrs Roberts worked at Uhlaza Group in the capacity as an HR Consultant assisting in all HR related functions. She was employed on a pre-determined contractual basis. … She distinguished herself by implementing different processes and procedures in her line function. She performed her duties diligently with positive outcomes that benefitted the company.

Her timeous update of records and regular reporting on staff matters, system improvements and her job function allowed management to make informed business decisions to the benefit of the company. Janice Roberts will be an asset to any institution / company.”

Latest News

Update employment contracts in line with changes to parental leave
Parental leave has increased from three to 10 days for both male and female employees, effective from 1 January 2020. This has effectively amended the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and employers should therefore update their employment contracts.

The new leave period applies when a baby is born, when employees legally adopt a child or when they as prospective adoptive parents have a child placed with them. Employees who give birth are entitled to 4 months unpaid maternity leave, so they do not qualify for parental leave.

In the event of adoption, the child must be younger than two years of age for parental leave to apply. In addition, adoptive parental leave entitles one of the parents to 10 weeks consecutive unpaid adoption leave. If an adoption order is made in respect of two adoptive parents, only one may apply for adoption leave and the other for parental leave.

Parental leave consists of 10 consecutive days (not 10 working days) of unpaid leave. To qualify for payment while off from work during this time, employees will need to submit claims to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). Employees are entitled to 66% of their regular earnings, subject to the maximum income threshold as per the Unemployment Insurance Act – if they were employed and contributing to the fund during the 13 weeks prior to applying for the benefit. The same applies for adoption leave.

In addition, to qualify for the payment of parental leave benefits from the UIF, a male employee will have to provide proof of him being the father of the child by virtue of a birth certificate with his name and surname appearing on it.

Employees need to notify their employers in writing of the date the leave is to start and when they will return to work. Notice must be given one month before a child is expected to be born, the date an adoption order will be granted or a child is to be placed in the care of a prospective adoptive parent.

If you would like me to review and amend your policies and contracts of employment to ensure they comply with the provisions of the Labour Laws Amendment Act, please contact me.

Annual Employment Equity Reports: due on 28 September 2018

Designated employers have until 28 September 2018 to submit their annual Employment Equity Report, based on the requirements of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 (EEA). We are available to assist in drawing up your report.

A ‘designated” employer is:

  • an employer with 50 or more employees;
  • an employer with fewer than 50 employees, but a total annual turnover equal to or above the applicable annual turnover of a small business in terms of schedule four to this Act;
  • a municipality;
  • an organ of state, but excluding local spheres of government, the National Defence Force, National Intelligence Agency and South African Secret Service; and
  • an employer bound by a collective agreement in terms of section 23 or 31 of the Labour Relations Act, which appoints it as a designated employer in terms of this Act, to the extent provided for in the agreement.

 Steep penalties apply to companies that do not comply with this legal requirement.

 The Employment Equity Act seeks to achieve equity in the workplace by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment by eliminating unfair discrimination and implementing affirmative action measures to:

  • re-dress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups,
  • ensure their equitable representation in all levels in the workforce.

 In the employment equity process, designated companies are responsible for the following:

  • Assign a Senior Employment Equity Manager
  • Communication, awareness and training
  • Development of a plan between 2 and 5 years
  • Forming an Employment Equity Committee
  • Conducting an analysis on all policies and procedures
  • Establish a Workforce profile
  • Implementation (ongoing process)
  • Report to the Department of Labour

Please contact me to set up a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

Solve workplace conflict sooner rather than later

By mediating a dispute swiftly, you improve the chances of a satisfactory resolution, as there is less time for the employer and employee to deepen their differences.

Workplace mediation, which aims to assist parties to resolve workplace problems prior to disciplinary action being taken or grievances being lodged, can also result in mutually beneficial solutions to disputes. This benefits both the employer and employee.

If an internal disciplinary process has run its course or if a grievance has been lodged and there has been no satisfactory outcome, the Labour Relations Act provides for a speedy process of dispute resolution. This includes a conciliation phase through the CCMA and the Bargaining Councils in the various sectors.

If there is conflict in your workplace, please contact me soonest.